The Whole Horse Podcast | Episode 9 | Anastasia Hirst

I knew this Whole Horse Podcast episode with Anastasia Hirst, co-creator of the upcoming documentary series Equus: Healing Through Horses was going to be potent, and I was right! Whenever we come together, we can’t help getting in to the big stuff, and this conversation was no exception, as we dove into how horses support healing and growth, their innate ability to work with trauma, and how her own deep trauma of her father dying was supported by horses. She also shared about some of the cutting edge work starting in the world of equine therapy, the big perspective changes she’s experienced on her journey and her excitement about those who are working to increase accessibility to the equine therapy and horses.

Anastasia Hirst is an Equine Facilitated Mental Health worker who is passionate about decreasing the stigma around mental health issues. She and her partner John Fulton have travelled 22,000km across North America and interviewed over 70 professionals and happy clients working within the field of equine therapy. Equus: healing through Horses is a documentary series that celebrates people struggling with life challenges who step away from failed conventional therapies to discover healing with horses. This series is the first of it’s kind to validate the field of Equine Therapy by interviewing the leading facilitators and the people who have benefitted from this work.

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Anastasia’s Fave Resources:

Linda Kohanov’s Tao of Equus or Riding Between the Worlds

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