The Whole Horse Podcast | Episode 10 | Michelle Atterby

In this potent episode of the Whole Horse Podcast we connect with Equine Behaviour Specialist Michelle Atterby and tap into her deep passion for Behaviour Science and its ability to support horse owners in developing a mutually trusting, respectful and safe relationship. She believes that to enter into a partnership with a horse requires learned skill, confidence and mindful presence. Our horses reflect who we are in every moment. They also learn from us each moment, sometimes inadvertently. I admit to being a beginner when it comes to behaviour science, so we have a great time clarifying the key concepts of this work, learning easy ways to apply it, and opening up some incredible possibilities for more partnership and connection. Definitely inspiring!

Michelle has been trained in a range of modalities including somatic therapy, equine facilitated learning, mindfulness training, centred riding, classical dressage training and applied animal behaviour. She lives just down the road in the beautiful Cowichan Valley and is ‘parent’ to fourteen beautiful horses of assorted ages and breeds.

Connect with Michelle and her awesome work with horses at the Spirit Gate Farm FB page

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