The Whole Horse Podcast | Episode 102 | Beyond equine rehab + finding neutrality with Betsy Vonda

A synchronistic series of events connected Betsy Vonda and I and right away we knew we needed to have this important conversation. Betsy specializes in rehabilition and meets and works with a lot of horses dealing with pain and major, sometimes progressively deteriorating conditons. In this episode we talk about when rehab is no longer enough, how to know, and what to do about it, and we get personal as she shares about her own mare, their journey together, some of the hard and important decisions she’s making and facing, and what she’s doing to stay neutral through this time so she can make the best decision possible in the right timing. I’m grateful for Betsy’s vulnerability and openness in a situation that so many of us face with our horses. 

Betsy Vonda is an Equine Postural, Performance, and Behavioral Consultant residing in Ontario, Canada with a focus on equine rehabilitation, as well as starting and training horses for longevity and soundness. Betsy grew up competing in western performance disciplines and went on to being a successful competitive rider in barrel racing and pole bending.

As a coach and clinician she teaches owners how to recognize proper movement patterns and development, as well as how to improve their relationship and communication with their equine partner no matter the chosen discipline. Betsy is also a Paramedic and an Emergency Service Education Coordinator. This unique background coupled with her specialized horsemanship skills has enabled her to develop thorough physical assessment and observational skills, training in de-escalation and regulation of the nervous system, as well as a formal education in anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology. She is also an apprentice instructor of the Balance Through Movement Method.

Betsy is available for Distance Sessions, Clinics.and in-person sessions in her area. Find her at