The Whole Horse Podcast | Episode 11 | Breanne Ellison


In this Whole Horse Podcast, Breanne Ellison of West Coast Animal Massage and I brought one of our wonderfully geeky conversations about all things body work and manual therapy out of the saddle (we usually have them while trail riding together!) and into this fun and fascinating hour.  In our time together, Breanne shares why body work is so important for horses, why the equine pelvis can be site of many issues, and introduces some simple awesome ways to assess your horse’s balance and help them feel happier in their skin.

Breanne is not only a good friend and relatively close-by neighbour here in the Cowichan Valley, but she is also Diva’s go-to body worker (and that’s saying a lot!), an Equine Sport Therapist, a member of the Equinology Equine Bodyworker Association and a Certified and Insured Equinology Equine BodyWorker. She’s also a guest instructor on the Whole Horse Apprenticeship and will be co-facilitating the Whole Horse Apprenticeship Retreat with me this June!

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Alexa and the crew