The Whole Horse Podcast | Episode 13 | Hillary Schneider

On this potent Whole Horse Podcast, I connected with Hillary Schneider of Epona Rise to explore her journey from the breeding industry to her current role as steward and empowering partner of a herd of 20 rescue horses. We unpack myths, share personal stories, look at the medicine each horse brings, and challenge current beliefs in the horse world. Enjoy!

Hillary Schneider is a coach, mentor, equine guided facilitator and retreat founder.  Her passion for her horses has been the catalyst for her success and is a space she is deeply passionate about empowering for those that are called to the partnership of horses. She currently owns and runs a 80 acre retreat facility, where she partners with her herd of 20 rescue horses, where she trains those called to this work, facilitates group and private retreats for her clients that travel all over the world to come and work with her, and mentors both equine facilitators and women entrepreneurs to empower their leadership through what they feel is their higher calling in life.

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