The Whole Horse Podcast | Episode 16 | April Ray

In this vulnerable and personal episode of the Whole Horse Podcast, I’m joined by long-time friend April Ray of the Canadian Horse Journal for a conversation about the #metoo movement in the horse industry. The Horse Journal recently published a comprehensive and collaborative article opening up around this essential topic (read more at this link —>

In this episode, April shares about her personal experience of sexual abuse and harassment, how she’s healing and moving forward by having challenging conversations and being willing to speak up despite resistance, and we talk about our shared passion for making the horse industry safe for everyone. It’s a potent beginning to a multi-faceted topic and on-going conversation and we look forward to your feedback, questions, and ideas for related future episodes expanding on these understandings. I’m still very much on a learning curve in this arena, and growing daily in my understanding, and I think many of us can relate! Feedback is always welcome and appreciated so that we can all support the forward-movement of the horse industry (and the rest of our world) into a truly safe and welcoming place to be.

Thanks for listening!