The Whole Horse Podcast | Episode 20 | Josh Nichol


This is my second Whole Horse podcast with Josh Nichol of A Horseman’s Pursuit, and I spent it on the edge of my seat, riveted. After seeing him in action during a clinic, I had a list of concepts to further clarify and we covered it all: the difference between pressure to yield rather than a subservient giving up, the idea of deep balance (without pulling on the head), the difference between softness and lightness, the idea of needs, and the basic needs being mind, space, and pressure, how we go about meeting those needs, the understanding of what it looks like to lose the soul of a horse through submission, and what the “turn loose point” is in horses and riders. We covered ground in this podcast, all while bringing it around full circle to how our own awareness and self-knowing as horse people is the key. My mind was blown in the best possible way. Enjoy!

In Josh’s words: “I like to think of myself as a professional student of the horse; learning is what I do first and teaching is second. Mentoring people, building relationships and watching growth is truly my passion. I currently teach clinics throughout Canada in the summer and work out of our home ranch in the winter, helping people develop their relationships through horsemanship.

This style of horsemanship is very relational, it allows you to see yourself through your horse and continues as you advance through the process. Mastery in horsemanship begins with a commitment to bettering ourselves! This starts with taking ownership and responsibility for our part of the story, thus interpreting the horse’s actions and performance differently.  When we are aware of – and work on developing – our side of the relationship, we truly facilitate not only growth in our horses, but growth in ourselves.  Good horsemanship challenges everything about our inner person. What an amazing gift: progressing in our horsemanship goes hand in hand with developing our best self!”

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