The Whole Horse Podcast | Episode 22 | Finding the feminine in the ride with Jayne Roberts of Equijay

Season 2 of the Whole Horse Podcast kicks off with a bang with the help of Equijay’s Jayne Roberts, joining us all the way from Australia! We ventured into some taboo territory with our conversation about women and horses, riding with a free and flowing pelvis, where and how the masculine and feminine show up in the horse industry in healthy and not so healthy ways, and why pleasure has been left out of much of traditional horsemanship and riding. It was a wild and wooly ride shaking out the cobwebs and busting myths as we went. Enjoy!

Jayne Roberts is a horse woman who wants to create a world where we’re all one big healthy happy herd. She combines over four decades of equine industry experience, research and qualifications (and a whole lotta life!) to help women and horses to nourish and flourish, beginning with the grassroots of Forage, Friendship and Freedom.

As an international equestrienne, Jayne coaches clients around the world and has played a pivotal role in the development and management of several equine enterprises in the UK, USA and Australia. She holds an MSc & BSc in Equine Science, is a Registered Animal Nutritionist, Certified Holistic Land Management Practitioner & most recently Feminine Embodiment Yoga & iRest Meditation Teacher. In addition to guest lecturing at the University of Edinburgh and supervising post-graduate research, Jayne has published peer-reviewed papers in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science and regularly contributes to equine publications and industry groups. Along with traditional Pony Club, British Horse Society & competitive show jumping beginnings she shakes things up with a wealth of untraditional, real ‘n raw as a rural ambulatory Equine Vet Tech!

With one foot in the science stirrup, and one firmly grounded on the yoga mat, she’s currently deconstructing much of what she learnt in her first round. Her heart-felt purpose is to help deepen the horse-human relationship and live a life that is wildly nourished, intimately connected and lived with a felt-sense of true freedom.

If you’d like to come along for the ride, you can find her at or on Facebook or Instagram.