The Whole Horse Podcast | Episode 23 | Featuring Laura Bird of One Spirit

Laura Bird and Alexa come together once again for the second episode of Season 2, this time for a full-blown geek out! We combine over 30 years of equine therapy to unpack the cranio-sacral mechanism, the movement of fluids, the essential role of the fascia in well-being and much more. If you’re interested in how the physiology of you and your horse works, definitely tune in to this episode. Enjoy!

Laura Bird is one of Australia’s leading Bowen TherapistsAnimal Communicators & Healers. She began her Bowen career working with Horses, after Bowen Therapy miraculously cured a serious medical condition that threatened her ability to ride, and enjoy a normal life. This sparked a desire to know everything about the therapy and she quickly went on to qualify as a Human & Small Animal therapist also. Impassioned by how Bowen changed her life she went on to teach Bowen for over 12 years, helping others access their healing potential and acquire professional qualifications, Equine, Canine & Human.

Her Animal Communication workshops and consults explore unique ground and delve into the nature of what lies within us most naturally, and how animals inspire an ecological spiritual practice and relationship with energy and healing.

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