The Whole Horse Podcast | Episode 25 | Natural Balance Dentistry Part 2 with Jackson Holm

Another awesome hour spent with Jackson Holm, a Natural Balance Equine Dentist born and raised in southern Alberta with a deep love for horses and riding, for his second episode in the Whole Horse Podcast, and a great follow-up to our first chat.

Jackson has been a life-long student of the horse and finds himself always looking for ways to improve his horsemanship and the performance/well being of his horses. He shares in this podcast about the importance of regular and fastidious dental care for our horses, what a healthy maintenance schedule looks like, the questions to ask your dental specialist to ensure the best care and he answers my questions about abcesses in the teeth and mouth, and the impact of the cranial nerves and cranial bones on the teeth, and vice versa.

We also have a chance to geek out on more anatomy and physiology, and look more into the inextricable connection with bodywork, my happy places. He is a wealth of information and humble too, which makes me a big fan! Find Jackson at his FB group JH Equine.

Contact him by email at or by phone at (403) 888 1250

Find out more about his training in Natural Balance Dentistry here.