The Whole Horse Podcast | Episode 27 | The Academic Art of Riding with Kenneth Vansweevelt


In this much anticipated episode of the Whole Horse Podcast, Academic Art of Riding instructor Kenneth Vansweevelt shares about his journey with horses – his passion for biomechanics and the psychology of the horse, his desire to work with the spirit and pride of the horse, and his hope to make the world a better place for horses. As you can imagine, we had lots to talk about! In fact, we’re already planning several more episodes to continue the conversation. I met Kenneth right here in the Cowichan Valley, during one of his 3 trips per year to Canada to share this incredible work with passionate and curious horse people interested in a different, more compassionate and sustainable way of working with their horses. 

Kenneth grew up with horses kept in a natural way and learned how to ride horses by experimenting ‘trail and error’, never having any traditional riding lessons to stop up his natural way of handling, working horses At my 18 years he needed to get more education to be able to handle his newest horse Trueno. On this path he discovered the Academic Art of Riding by Bent Branderup and is now proud to be a part of the selected Licensed Bent Branderup Trainers. His goal is to make the horse world a little better, and support his students to develop the harmony between horse and rider and create Art. 

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