The Whole Horse Podcast | Episode 34 | The Gift of the Horse with Lara Pieret

This podcast episode with Lara of the Gift of the Horse is definitely one of my favourites! What a beautiful conversation we had around how we can serve our horses, how we can shift from “using” horses to listening to them, what happens when we let go of our agendas and expectations, and of course, we couldn’t help but talk about our amazing mares Vari and Diva. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did!

At The Gift of The Horse we embark on a beautiful practice of mindfulness, caregiving and guardianship towards the horse, where we recognize that the horse is far more than what appears to us in the physical form. We see beyond labels and stories to the pure being that is no different to you or me. Through this practice we understand from the inside out, that the horse does not exist to serve us. He in fact plays a vital role in our evolution to a higher consciousness.

Lara holds intimate online immersion groups exploring this mindfulness practice with horses and she is the author of The Gift of The Horse Books. Her Foundation Course and Mindfulness Practice Immersion Groups are open to all who feel a calling to go deeper, to look beyond our norms and traditions and to see the horse for who she really is. Which in truth, is no different to you ??

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