The Whole Horse Podcast | Episode 43 | Releasing residual tension with Anna Marciniak


A very special Whole Horse episode with Anna Marciniak of OneHorseLife, as she shares about her journey with horses and her unique and important perspective on training horses in a way that meets the needs of each horse, by releasing residual tension and helping horses reach greater levels of relaxation and wellbeing. Anna has a great deal of wisdom to share and I look forward to having her back on the podcast in the near future to answer your questions and further explore her perspective on releasing tension in the stomach/gut, and improving gut health in our horses through relaxation.

“I am especially interested in making things happen. But not in any way. I want to do it in the most optimal way, the way that adds to my and my horse’s being. For me the path to that leads through releasing physical and psychological tensions from horses and humans. I do dressage, liberty, long reins… but most importantly thanks to horses I REALLY AM, and then I translate it into actions.

This makes my life and the life of my horses filled with purpose. I am Anna Marciniak from Spain, and I invite you for a journey into Conscious Muscle Relaxation for horses — Optimal Performance Program.”

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