The Whole Horse Podcast | Episode 53 |  Myofascial lines in horses with Tami Elkayam

This podcast is one of my geekiest yet and I loved it! What a pleasure to chat with equine body worker Tami Elkayam about the equine anatomy, equine myofascial lines, her recent osteopathy training, craniosacral work, and the essential role of the TMJ, and much more. A must listen for any equine body workers out there, and for horse lovers interested in learning more about how their horses bodies work. Scroll down the page for all the resources shared – I definitely have some new books on my wish list!

Tami started her equine therapy journey with the Masterson Method and worked her way through certification, and then continued her training with all four levels of Equine CranioScaral through the Upledger institute. As she finds new tools and gathers more knowledge, she feels able to better treat and help horses. She has recently started a new journey as an equine osteopath through the Vluggen Institute.

From Tami: I believe that therapists need empathy, humility and an open mind. I believe it takes a village to keep our equine partners healthy and happy. I feel there is not enough collaboration in the equine world between Veterinarians, Farriers, Dentists, Chiropractors and Therapists. I believe in spreading knowledge and sharing information so that each horse can have a better life. It is important for me that each one of my clients understands that each horse I treat becomes part of my herd; each horse gives as much as it receives. Therefore they are family.


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Resources from Tami

ABC of the horse Atlas – Pauli Gronberg

Anatomy of the horse – Budras Sack Rock

Anatomy trains – Thomas W. Myers