The Whole Horse Podcast | Episode 55 | Horses and your breath with Karine Vandenborre of Horsefulness Training

What a beautiful conversation with Karine Vandeborre of Horsefulness Training! I left the conversation feeling relaxed and more aware of my breath and my impact on my horses and clients, and grateful for the new subtleties added into my breathing practice. We also touched on how to bring this awareness into your training, how to start slow (and at liberty) to go faster later, and how to work with more difficult horses by building trust and foundation of connection.

Karine Vandenborre is the founder of Horsefulness Training. She has worked with horses professionally for almost 25 years now and is known for her expertise with severely traumatized horses that she helps to gain self-confidence and trust in humans again. She coaches people to develop a true connection with their horse and train their horse mindfully and sensitively.

Learn more about Karine and her work at: and

She has some excellent free resources here that I look forward to checking out:

Resource mentioned in podcast: Buteyko Method of Breathing