The Whole Horse Podcast | Episode 56 | Understanding equine anatomy to enhance wellbeing with Thirza Hendriks

In this episode of the podcast, I met a kindred spirit in all things geeky and horse-related in Thirza Hendriks! Our conversation highlights our combined passions for anatomy, biomechanics and bridging the gap from these essential subjects to training, with Thirza sharing about her experience with whole horse dissections, some of the main issues that are being seen repeatedly in domestic breeds and how she works with them through biomechanically correct and horse-specific training. A fascinating conversation, and definitely the first of many!

From Thirza: I am an enthusiastic equine professional that is intrigued by beauty and complexity of the horse as a being for as long as I can remember. The horses in my life directed me unto a dynamic journey in which I use movement as a therapeutical tool to improve the horse’s welfare. I have followed numerous courses in Equine Biomechanics, but most of my knowledge comes from practice through Whole Horse Dissections. Furthermore, I have studied various methods of classical dressage as well as rehabilitation techniques. I currently lecture and teach all over the globe including The Netherlands, UK, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Learn more about Thirza and her work (and sign up for the livestream dissection) at: