The Whole Horse Podcast | Episode 59 | Rider fitness and diversity with Jamie Lau

Loved speaking with Jamie Lau, founder of Haybales & Barbells in this episode of the Whole Horse Podcast! During these challenging times, Jamie has pivoted, followed her heart and launched her company, sharing with us about why it’s so important for riders to be strong, coordinated and flexible (and some funny stories of how this work has saved her a few times in the saddle!). I met Jamie through a group called Equestrians of Colour, and am so appreciative of her perspective on diversity and accessibility within the horse industry, and how we can create positive change in simple ways to make it more inclusive for all. Definitely an important conversation in these ever-changing times.

Jamie is the founder of Haybales & Barbells, a fitness for Equestrians business that provides rider specific fitness programs for equestrians of all levels. Jamie has been involved with horses since she was 10 and has done jumpers, dressage and is just starting her journey with Western riding. She started her career as an equine professional after completing her Masters Degree in Recreation Therapy, and working as an equine assisted recreation therapist and certified therapeutic riding instructor for individuals with special needs. Jamie also holds a certification in inclusive fitness training and believes that equestrian athletes can highly benefit from cross training in order to be the best athletes they can be for themselves and their horse. She is extremely passionate in educating riders about the importance of strength training, conditioning and flexibility training in order to become the best horse riders that they can be.

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