The Whole Horse Podcast | Episode 61 | Meeting Raven + learning with horses with Alexa and guest host Allie Goin

In this episode of the podcast, my awesome guest host Allie Goin is back as we chat about the story of my new mare Raven (pictured above) and my current learning about her injury, rehabilitation, communicating with horses in different ways and looking at the “whole” horse, physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual, when moving through a healing process. We get into the woo-woo parts of things, and ways that intuition can show up that we may not realize (funny story about this one at 16 minutes in!) and how we can connect with or listen to our horses in different ways, beyond body language. We also discuss the current edges of my work and my upcoming online Whole Horse Apprenticeship program, beginning on September 15th (as you can hear I’m pretty darn excited about it). Thanks Allie for hosting!

Learn more about my work here and find more details about the online Whole Horse Apprenticeship at We begin September 15th and it would be amazing to see you there!