The Whole Horse Podcast | Episode 73 | Building a safe solid foundation with your horses with Noah Tillman-Young

It was such a pleasure to chat with Noah Tillman-Young of Steady Horse in this episode of the Whole Horse Podcast! We unpacked some essential ideas around pressure, fear, safety, learning, the importance of intention, trust and what it truly takes to “create” a truly steady and safe horse. I found this so helpful in shifting my perspective around my own training, and really seeing more honestly what is happening with many of the horses I work with therapeutically, and I hope you will too. Enjoy.

Noah T.Y.  is the founder of Steady Horse LLC and the Fearless Rider Formula™ – a step by step approach that helps you to get the confidence you need to crush any fear with your horse.

Noah resides on his ranch in Texas where he does 1 on 1 coaching, weekly broadcasts, films series, and hosts private in person and virtual clinics to help you gain clarity and certainty about what it means for you to be confident with your horse.

Noah personally started over 500 horses, coached 3500 horse and human pairs and has worked in over 50 different horse related industries and uses his experience to help you streamline your learning and understanding so that you make progress quickly. His number one priority when working with you, whether you are an olympic level student or the fresh newbie, is making sure that he does everything he can to help keep you safe.

Learn more about Noah and his work at

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