The Whole Horse Podcast | Episode 76 | Recovery through deep presence and horse connection with Mona Illerbrun

It’s so good to be back in the podcast saddle! I sure missed you all and chatting with awesome guests like Mona Illerbrun. In this podcast we spoke about Mona’s recovery from a traumatic brain injury and subsequent PTSD, her unique and amazing path with horses, how horses participated in her healing process, living in the moment as a way to heal, and how she found her way back to her strength and a renewed and deep connection to herself and her horses. It was such a pleasure to connect with her! Enjoy.

Mona Illerbrun is the owner and facilitator of Partner Up. She lives off grid in the remote picturesque Blackwater Valley 65 km west of Quesnel, BC, with access to several heritage trail networks from her doorstep. (AMT, COTT, Canyon Trail, LHTAKO Trail, Musquash Trail). Mona’s 60+ year connection and love affair with horses began at birth. She found herself always striving to make it better for the horse and this path lead her to the realization that she, as the human, was the key. At a very young age she was honing her skills energetically and using energy to communicate with horses while at the same time utilizing her curiosity, visual acuity and awareness to decipher what the horse was saying. This led to fluency in horse and her dedication to do “with” her horse instead of “to”.

Mona spends her time sharing her passion for trail riding and teaching as a voice for the horse through the delivery of her Human Only Intensive Partner Up Workshops and 7 day Retreats. Partner Up focuses on building a partnership with your horse by increasing your awareness of your horse and what they need from you to become trusting, confident and willing partners and by empowering you to strive to be the best you can be so you are able to be what your horse needs in every moment. Discover your honesty, authenticity and acceptance, gain confidence, kick “foe” fear to the curb, and harness your power using energy.

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