The Whole Horse Podcast | Episode 78 | Chatting with horses and why it’s healthy with Animal Intuitive Lilly Ludwig


This chat with Animal Intuitive Lilly Ludwig was about as refreshing as they come, and her take on animal communication and busting down myths in the horse world is my cup of tea! In this episode we got into how to support our animals through transitions with the help of clear communication, how it doesn’t take any sort of gift to do it, what her mare Athena has to say about, well, everything, and the many ways our horses will surprise us if we let them. Enjoy!

Lilly Ludwig is a professional animal intuitive. Utilizing her intuitive connection to the animal world, Lilly facilitates interspecies communication between animals and their humans. The primary focus of her sessions is to hold loving space for animals and their humans, which often allows the animals to serve their humans as spiritual guides. Her sessions include a blend of energy reading, animal communication, and behavior analysis. Lilly believes that by listening to our animals’ thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, we can learn intimate Truths about ourselves and our relationship with the natural world. These Truths allow us to do the necessary inner work so that we can reflect back to our animals a life of light and love.

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