The Whole Horse Podcast | Episode 83 | Intuition and the Equestrian with Felicity Davies

Season Five is here! In this episode, Felicity Davies of the Confident Equestrian Program traversed uncharted territory, to celebrate the creation of her new Equestrian Oracle card deck. As you’ll hear in our chat, I love oracle cards, and loved this conversation about intuition, following your gut and those little nudges, and embracing your spiritual nature. I also share about my new adventure – new house, new spot for the horses and much more.

Felicity Davies is a Horsemanship and Mindset mentor based in South Australia. She is the founder of The Confident Equestrian Program, a global online course that teaches horse owners exactly how to help their horse feel more confident in any environment. Through the program, she works closely with each student over 12 weeks to empower them with the tools and mindset they need to confidently navigate any moment with their horse. To do this she uses an intuitive combination of compassionate horsemanship, learning theory, neuro-linguistic programming, emotional freedom technique and lessons she has learnt from horses, their owners and other resources. Her mission is to help horses become better understood through empowering their owners with the information and the mindset they need to trust themselves and their feel.

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