The Whole Horse Podcast | Episode 85 | The meeting of movement and neuroscience with Kathy Sierra


This conversation with Kathy Sierra literally shifted my direction with my horses! It was pivotal in the best possible way and I am excited to share her work with you, as I believe it is one of the keys to changing our minds about our horses, our training, their movement, and their performance, and supporting so many horses to be happier and healthier. It has even shifted my way of thinking as an equine manual therapist, and what I am seeing, how I am working, and how I can support the horses I work with in better ways. I really encourage you to listen to our chat, and if it impacts you as well, please share with your horse communities. Thank you for supporting horses to be happier in their bodies and minds – it is all about the ripples!

Kathy Sierra is the creator of Intrinzen, a movement-science approach to helping horses rediscover a love of movement expression.
She has a BSc in Kinesiology, and spent the first half of her career as a *human* movement professional before switching to computer science. She also taught design for motivating experiences at UCLA, Virgin, and Universal Studios. A horse owner for more than 40 years, she combined her background in both movement science and motivation to help save one of her own horses. Eventually she began sharing the Intrinzen science principles and philosophy with others.

Find her course Pain Science and Performance here:

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Resources from Kathy: 

Book – How we learn to move by Rob Gray

Books – A Guide to Better Movement by Todd Hargrove

Book – Playing with Movement by Todd Hargrove