The Whole Horse Podcast | Episode 91 | Exploring the place where astrology and horses meet with Allison Goin

It is good to be back! Especially when the conversations are like this gem with Allison Goin of Centaur Soul Work. We get into the ins and outs and sometimes trickiness of combining our spiritual path, our love of horses and our work, how our own soul path with horses shows up in our astrology chart, how connections and collaboration can be key, and what to pay attention to as we move forward, astrologically speaking! Hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Allison Goin is an Evolutionary Astrologer & Equine Specialist who combines practical tools, eclectic modalities, and inspirational ideas to support transformational soul-work and holistic healing for horses and humans. She offers 1:1 consultations, long-term coaching & mentorship, workshops, public talks and writings to inspire new ways of looking at our lives and horses, and empower people to embrace positive change.

Her interdisciplinary approach blends her expertise in personal and spiritual development with her knowledge of horses, healing modalities, and mission-driven work to help individuals and organizations find creative and effective ways to come into alignment with their true purpose. As an emancipated horsewoman, Allison has developed her own solutions and intuitive approach to relationship-building with horses, informed by extensive study and work with both horse and human teachers.

Allison loves to collaborate with other innovators and always has a variety of projects in development. Learn more about her current and upcoming work at and follow her on Instagram @centaur_soul_work.

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