The Whole Horse Podcast | Episode 92 | The nuances of no + the connection in choice with Shannon Beahen

It’s my second podcast conversation with Shannon Beahen of Humminghorse Equestrian and boy, was it a good one. We travelled a lot of territory as we discussed the nuances of no, the possibility that comes with choice, some of the core wounds of horses (specifically the “weaning” wound) and how to support, and Shannon’s new course, Cleaning up the contact zone, and some key take-aways from her exciting curriculum. Much gold to be found here and I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

Shannon is an alternative horse trainer, online educator, academic and writer. She specializes in teaching her own “high vibration” approach to natural dressage and liberty as well as the creation of species-appropriate habitats that promote dynamic movement and sovereign equine lifestyles. She is passionate about exploring and articulating the ethics of embodied horse-human relationships. Her hope is that through teaching a deeper awareness of human-animal and human-environment relations, equestrian education ceases to be a privileged pastime; and instead may just provide some of the seeds to birth a new earth.

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Video about building a track system: